Janice G. Bogy


Janice is the daughter of a U.S. Army officer, and her childhood was spent globe-trotting as they moved with her father’s assignments. She went to grade school in La Paz, Bolivia, where she experienced life in the Andes and the poverty of a third-world country. Her love affair with mountains and animals began in that primitive land. Art and music are the passions of her life. Classical harp took over most of her adult life and her favorite gigs were playing for the opening receptions at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Janice rekindled her love of drawing and painting when her husband retired, and they moved to their mountain home in Montana. Mostly self-taught, she has honed her skills through hard work and workshops with some of the best wildlife and landscape artists in the country: Robert Bateman, Greg Beecham, Julie Chapman, Sandra Blair, George Bumann, Josh Elliott, Colleen Howe, Aaron Schuerr and Karen Leigh. With so many species endangered and on the brink of extinction, Janice is dedicated to capturing the soul of the animals she depicts in her work.

She is known for bringing out the expressions and character of each individual animal. She spends substantial time in the field and most of her work is from her own reference material. To her, one can only begin to understand a creature after spending considerable time observing it. She is currently enjoying doing major shows in Jackson Hole, Sedona and Russell Art Week in Great Falls, MT. She is represented by Mountain Sage Gallery in Helena, MT. Her work resides in collections throughout the United States, and she even has a piece in Ethiopia.

Artwork to be Showcased