Kathryn Ashcroft


Kathryn began working in oils in 2004. Striving to convey the essence of the animal, as opposed to a detailed depiction, she uses a loose, painterly style. Abstract backgrounds bring the focus of the painting to the animal itself.
?Kathryn has ample opportunities to view wildlife in its natural environment. She continues studying animals daily and her paintings are based on personal experiences that she has had. She will not paint an animal unless she has studied it in the wild. Countless hours are spent outdoors and in nature capturing reference material for her artwork.
?The use of light, color, shape and value are important to Kathryn and she is constantly striving to bring all dimensions of her paintings to a higher level.
?Kathryn�s work is found in collections globally. It is her desire that all who view her work will have a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Artwork to be Showcased

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