Denise Antaya


Denise was born in Windsor, Ontario and now lives in Port Stanley, Ontario. After a 31 year career in Advertising, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for painting landscapes on a full time basis.

“We are surrounded by beauty. I often wonder if people see the world as I do. Do they see the magic that is all around us? I choose landscapes because I am rebelling against the fast-paced world we live in. Often stresses of everyday problems keep us from enjoying what is around us. We take things for granted. As an artist I work hard to create paintings that speak to me, and hopefully, to others about the important things in life. I hope my paintings evoke memories of childhood vacations long forgotten, where the stresses of the world are left behind, peaceful times at the lake or hiking in the woods. I hope they remind us of simpler times with family and friends, times of happiness, peace and tranquility.

Every hour, every day and every season, brings its own personality and challenges to the landscape artist. Capturing the beauty and subtleties that nature provides is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. A plein air painter has to capture the essence of place with the ever-changing light, subtleties of color, shape and shadows, only keeping what is necessary to tell the story. Nature is the finest teacher and if I study what she is trying to tell me the rewards are endless. I strive to take the everyday scene that is often overlooked and present it in a new light. If I can draw the viewer in, make them feel the warmth of the sunshine, the coolness of the shadows, the dancing of the light across the fields or the heaviness of the air with the impending storm, then I have succeeded. If I can make the audience feel the magic then this journey is all worthwhile.”

Art Education
Adventures of Painting – Scott Christensen – Sept 2021
Art Mentoring with Joe Paquet – January-February 2021
Daniel Bilmes Drawing Workshop and Painting Workshop via Zoom – July 2020
Workshop in Italy with Donald Jurney and Todd Bonita September 2019
Daniel Keys – download Rooftops of Montmartre: Limited Palette – 2019
East Oak Studios – Painting Landscapes with Donald Jurney 2019
Gold Leaf Workshop with Guennadi Kalinine – November 2016
Oil Painting Workshop with Donald Jurney – September 2015
Oil Painting Workshop at MISA with Marc Hanson September 2015
Oil Painting Workshop with Donald Jurney – October 2014
Hudson River School Landscape Workshop – Erik Koeppel – July 2014
Academy of Realist Art – August 2011 – July 2014
Fanshawe College – Advertising Art with 1 year Fine Arts
Continuing Education – Acrylics, Watercolours, Chalk Pastels, Life Drawing and Art History
2022 Avenue Art Gallery – The Brush Off Competition – June -July
2022 Plein Air Show – Westland Gallery – June 2022
2022 Drawing & Prints – Salmagundi Club – June 2022
2022 IGOR 16th Annual Exhibition – McBride Gallery – June – July
2021 NOAPS BOA – Dana Gallery – Sept.
2021 OPA Eastern Regional Exhibition of Traditional Oils – Art Center Manatee – Sept – Oct.
2021 Group Exhibition – Westland Gallery – Sept – Oct
2021 OPA 2021 Salon Exhibition of Traditional Oils – Quinlan Visual Art Center – June – Aug
2011 NOAPS Spring On-line Exhibition – May
2021 NOAPS BOAS National Juried Exhibition – Beverly McNeil Gallery – Apr – May
2021 Realism Group Show – Westland Gallery – Mar – Apr.
2021 Gallery Group Show – Dusk to Dawn – Westland Gallery – Jan
2021 Gallery Group Show – Westland Gallery – Jan – Feb.
2021 OPA 30th National Juried Exhibition – April-May
2020 NOAPs 2020 Best of America National Juried Exhibition – Cutter and Cutter Gallery –
2020 OPA Eastern Regional Exhibition of Traditional Oils, Reinert Fine Art – November
2020 OPA Virtual Salon Exhibition – August – October
2020 Principle Gallery, 15th Annual International Guild of Realism show – October
2020 OPA 29th National Juried Exhibition – May-June
2020 Westland Gallery Group Show, January 3-25
2019 Principle Gallery, 14th Annual International Guild of Realism show – Sep. 17- Oct. 15
2019 Westland Gallery – Square Foot Show – July 10 – Aug. 9
2019 Galaudet Gallery – Sense of Place: THERE – June 18 – Sept. 2
2019 International Guild of Realism (IGOR) Winter Salon Online Exhibition – Mar 20 – June 20
2019 Best of America Small Painting National Juried Exhibition – Mar. 2019
2019 Westland Gallery Group Show – Jan. 2019
2018 Salmagundi Thumb Box Exhibition, Dec. – Jan 1
2018 Art Emporium by the River, The Great Art Contest – Nov-Dec. 2018
2018 NOAPS Fall 2018 International Online Exhibition – Fall 2018
2018 NOAPS Spring International Online Exhibition – Spring 2018
2018 OPA 27th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils – June 1 – Sept. 3
2018 Salmagundi Club Centennial Show – Jan. 2018
2018 Westland Gallery two man show – Jan. 12 – 27

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