Carole Andreen-Harris


Carole’s artistic journey is a captivating tale of a life deeply intertwined with the rich landscapes and equestrian traditions of the American West. Born and raised amidst the serene beauty of Minnesota, she found her heart captivated by the rugged charm of Cody, Wyoming during the sun-drenched summers of her youth. Eventually, the siren call of the desert led her to the enchanting landscapes of Arizona, where she now resides and continues to draw inspiration for her art.

From the early days of sketching and painting in the heart of the West, Carole’s passion for the region and its iconic symbol, the horse, was unmistakable. Her childhood hours spent capturing the essence of these majestic creatures laid the foundation for a lifelong artistic pursuit that would evolve into something truly extraordinary.

Carole’s art is a quest for a profound connection with her subjects. Her canvas becomes a gateway to the soul of the West, reflecting the untamed spirit of the land and the graceful power of its equine inhabitants. Her brushstrokes tell stories of a life immersed in the equestrian world, resonating with those who share her passion.

Recognition of Carole’s mastery in portraying horses has extended far and wide. In 2012, the prestigious Del Mar Racetrack sought her talent to immortalize the victor of the illustrious $1 Million Pacific Classic, a testimony to her ability to capture the essence of greatness in equine form. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, the venerable spirit of the Kentucky Derby, also entrusted her with the creation of a timeless painting adorning their 2015 Commemorative Derby bottle, celebrating the enduring traditions of the Run for the Roses.

Beyond her canvas, Carole’s life is a tapestry woven with threads of artistry and horses. When not creating vivid Southwestern designs, she dedicates her talents to marketing and design at Tierra Antigua Realty, a locally owned brokerage. Her artistic prowess extends to award-winning entries in the Tucson Rodeo Parade, where her creations bring the spirit of the West to life.

Carole’s artistic journey has not been confined to her studio. Her work has graced the walls of prestigious exhibitions and institutions, including the Cattleman’s Western Art Show, The Phippen Western Art Show & Sale, Mountain Oyster Club Western Art Show & Sale, Empire 100 Western Art Show & Sale, Tombstone Annual Art Show, and the revered American Academy of Equine Art Open and Invitational shows.

In both her life and her art, Carole is a guardian of the spirit of the American West, a storyteller of its landscapes and the noble creatures that roam them. Her paintings are windows into a world of untamed beauty, a testament to her unyielding passion and remarkable talent. Carole’s journey continues to unfold in the vibrant desert of Tucson, Arizona, where she paints, dreams, and lives the essence of the West with every stroke of her brush.

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