Audrey L. Altemose


Growing up on a farm in the northeast was where Audrey first discovered her love to draw and capture things on paper. Even at a young age, she drew for hours. “I believe it is the one thing in my life I want, need and love to do. Being from a musical family background, we eventually left the farm and did a lot of traveling. Although I slowed down a little on my drawing, I knew I couldn’t go too long without sketching something.”
After High School, it was her father who also saw this talent and encouraged her to attend some art classes at the local college in Florida where they were living at that time. She took some classes in charcoal/pastel and fell in love with the medium. “In time I also ventured into oil and some watercolor but was always drawn back to pastel. The blending ability, colors and results I am able to achieve with this medium is truly amazing. Although my subjects are limitless, my favorite to paint would have to be animals, nature and wildlife.“

Artwork to be Showcased